Married Lesbian Relationship Description

Hello, I am 28 years old, 8 years married and bisexual. I learned from lesbian porn movies and now I can not give up for me ... I will tell you the story I lived with a woman I never knew.

The story is completely real. It was a few years ago, it was a donation in which we had cold sex with sex. This coldness was reflected in our home life. One evening, I say "I go to the cinema" and get out of the house. My intention was to go to the cinema in the past, but my feet got me to the beach.
After I walked a little, I sat at a bank and started to watch the reflection of the moon light into the sea. After a while, a very young and beautiful university student sat beside him. The fire asked and we started to fucking. The subject came to a sexual nature and I was a lesbian. As long as I did not have a lesbian relationship until that day, I was curious and started asking questions.

 If the girl I was a child of your name is Selin I wonder if I could go home with her curiosity. I sat nearby, I hesitated once, but then I accepted It was me that I did not know what I have not been able to live for so long .. I did not enter the house, I drove me to the wall and began to opine on the fire.

Once from my lips, then from my neck ... With his hand he was pissing every point of my body. Then he took the eliminator and took the bedrock, said he'd come right away and 2 glasses of wine were frozen. He said, let's have some relax. I finished a wine in a dick, I was very excited and impatient. I said it would be the first time, he told me to leave.

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