I gave a bonus to the thick lips of the star

Every summer we went to Germany again to Germany. For two days, the journey to the car is tiring. The first day we went to our house in Turkey, we only slept. The next day, if they were right friends, they were all welcomed by us. We had a 5-storey apartment building in Germany. My fountain and my baldness are sitting in our lower apartment. In order not to be in a good state of affairs, they looked at our house and my wife decided to place them in our lower circle. We do not have rentals right now. Bacanağım is a good person who works with a minimum wage, one in power at work, but a little naive. Baldızım at the age of 27, even though a child like a stone girl. Our baldness would have been so often when we sat in the apartment. So I was seeing the ball all the time and I was crazy about those stones and his heels.

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